PETER C SMITH






An illustrated history of their war record.

 UK, US & Australian Editions



  A comprehensive and detailed look at the dive-bomber in World War II in all   its many manifestations, with new information and photos of German,   British, French, Italian, Japanese, Soviet (including the very first detailed   accounts in the English language of female dive-bomber pilots in action) and   American aircrew and aircraft. Recounts not just the success but also the   failures and how the type developed world-wide in the heat of combat.


  Among the many new revelations were the evolution of the dive-bomber; the   between-the-wars developments; the theory and practice of dive-bombing   and the many wartime actions world-wide. Among the many rare types   described and illustrated  were the superb Hawker Henley, stupidly killed off   by RAF prejudice; the Swedish twin-engined SAAB L-10; Italy’s ludicrous   “Flying Banana”, the Savoia-Marchetti Sm85; the Bulgarian DAF-10F; the   French Navy’s Loire-Nieuport types and their brief participation in the Battle   of France in 1940; bombs, bomb-sights, instruments and policy are all   covered, with numerous diagrams and illustrations to back up the   comprehensive photographic coverage, much of it seen for the first time in   this volume. How Palembang might have been a mis-use of dive-bombers,   how a Japanese Judy crippled the USS Franklin and how the RAAF used the   Commonwealth Wirraway as a make-shift dive-bomber, are among the host   of new facts to emerge in this book.

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