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    INTO THE ASSAULT: The biographies of the leading dive-bomber      pilots of Great Britain, Germany, Japan, America, Italy and France.

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  The biographies of some of World War II’s leading exponents of the dive-    bombing art from all the combatant nations - Egusa of Japan; Mesny of    France; Cenni of Italy; Partridge of Britain; Polbin of the Soviet Union;    Enneccerus of Germany and Glidden of the USA. Through their eyes the    famous actions are chronicled with a good selection of photographs of the    men, their aircraft and their targets.


  This unique and outstanding presentation of the viewpoints of pilots from    very different nationalities and air forces, all of whom used the dive-    bomber to excellent effect and really made a difference to the war efforts    of their nations, was, again, an innovation when it first appeared. Very    seldom had the opinions and points of view of former enemy pilots been    allowed space in a English-language publication, and certainly never had    dive-bombing from the sharp end been so comprehensively revealed.

   Their aircraft might have varied considerable as well, the Blackburn Skua,    Douglas SBD Dauntless, Aichi D3A1/2 Val and Junkers Ju87 Stuka were all    slow aircraft, whereas the Soviet Pe-2 Peshka and the North American A-    36 Apache were both as fast, or faster, than many Allied and Axis fighter    planes, but they all employed that special precision and accuracy of attack    that marked the dive-bomber and made their pilots aces in their    profession.


   American, Japanese, Chinese and Russian editions of the book duly    followed.

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