PETER C SMITH





    THE HISTORY OF DIVE BOMBING: (original title IMPACT! THE  DIVE-      BOMBER PILOTS SPEAK.) The dive-bombers war, from Poland to      Korea as told to the author by the pilots themselves.

UK Edition 1981

US Edition 1981

Russian Edition 2003

UK Edition 2007


For the first time the incredible history of the dive-bomber is told from both

Official records and eyewitness accounts. Tearing away the many myths and misrepresentations that surround this type of warplane, the Author presented

A truly original and detailed factual history, from the first true combat dive-

Bombing by a RFC pilot in 1917, to the last stirring actions and covers dive- bombers of every nation that employed the type.


 Interviews with the pilots who actually flew the combat missions of all the

 Combatants gave unique first-hand eyewitness viewpoints on many of the

 actions themselves and the methods employed. And swept away some of  long-standing third-hand and third-rate tales that still hold currency today.  From a detailed description of what it was like to fly the very first dive-  bomber  missions into Poland, through equally enthralling accounts of British  attacks on  German warships at Norway; Stuka missions against the Allies in  May and June  1940 and on throughout the war, with aircrew from all the  major participants  giving the Author their view from cockpit, on such events  as the crippling of  the Illustrious to the Battle of Midway, this is a thrilling  account of the air war.


 Naval Aviation News, Washington DC, stated: “Based on interviews with  crews  who were there and some scholarly research, the author has given us  the first  detailed history of dive-bombing”. Lloyd’s List of London added - “His  enormous research ...has produced a valuable study.”