PETER C SMITH





    DIVE BOMBER!: An illustrated history 1912- 1954

UK Edition 1982

U S Edition 1982

US Edition 2008

UK Edition 2008

 The most comprehensive history on dive-bombers and dive-bombing, covering  the period from 1911 onward, accompanied by deeply-researched, original  facts and a wide selection of photographs to give the full story for the first  time. The Author spent years culling obscure files and documents in archives  around the world, and found an enormous amount of data that had lain,  unread and unheeded, since first written. From this rich and diverse fund of f  first-hand accounts, enriched with tables, studies, conclusions and designs, the  full and hitherto mainly misrepresented history of the dive-bomber in the  world’s major air forces was revealed.


 From the earliest efforts by American pilots in the war in Mexico in 1914;  through the Allied experiments early in the First World War; the first true dive-  bombing combat mission by the RFC on the Western Front in 1917 was located  when the combat report of the pilot himself was unearthed; the RAF  experiments during 1917-18 at the Orfordness Bombing Range; the US Marine  Corps experiments in Haiti and Nicaragua, so often still  totally falsely claimed  to be the first  true dive-bombing missions; the inter-war experiments by the  RAF; the USAAC missions on the Mexican Border in the 1920’s; the rise of dive-  bombing in Germany and Japan; the attempts of Italy, the Soviet Union and  France to adopt the type; the hidden pioneering work conducted in Sweden in  the 1920’s and 1930’s; the rejection of the type and subsequent total  bankruptcy of RAF policy in the 1940 debacle in France; the repeated attempts  by the Royal Navy to obtain the type, which were continually thwarted and  obstructed by the RAF; the adoption of the US and Japanese Navy of the dive-  bomber, the battles of World War II and beyond. An unique coverage of an  ignored  facet in the history of air warfare.