PETER C SMITH




EAGLE’S WAR:  The War  Diary of an aircraft carrier 1939-1942.

UK Edition 1995

Czech Edition 2009

UK & Maltese  Editions 2009



  One of the Royal Navy’s first true aircraft-carriers, HMS Eagle was built on   the hull of a Chilean battleship. She pioneered naval aviation in the 1920’s   and 1930’s and spent many years in the Far East. Old, outclassed and small,   when war broke out she still performed invaluable service in the front line.   The only aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Fleet of Admiral Andrew   Cunningham, she survived innumerable bombing attacks by the Italian air   force and her own aircraft fought at the battles of Calabria and Taranto   and a host of lesser actions.


  Later she became involved in ferrying fighter aircraft, Hurricanes and   Spitfires, to Malta from the west and took part in many such operations   which helped that island’s defences. Finally, she was part of the great   Pedestal convoy of August 1942, and met her gallant end at the hands of a   U-boat. Packed with original photographs and eyewitness sorties, this   account of the work on one carrier in a global war is a fitting tribute to the   original FAA.


  Paul Freshney writing in Test Bench described Eagle’s War as “...a   fascinating book for those who have an interest in WW2 naval history and is   well and competently written”.